Going Green, The World & China ( Issue No. 2)


Our second issue focuses on the green and sustainable development of cities and ports along the route and aims to discuss what government, enterprises and civil society can do in this process. The goals of “Transforming Maritime Power” and “Building Ecological Civilization” in “The Belt and Road” Initiative can only be fulfilled through coordination of all parties with exploration of technical solutions. Countries along the road may also benefit from the sharing of best practices.


Cover Special    

A Few Suggestions on Greening the Port System of "Maritime Silk Route"

Zhu Zhixi   The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

Zhu Yuan  Appraisal Center for Environment & Engineering Ministry of Environmental Protection

Special Interview  

Director Han Wenke: Spreading Green Concepts and Improving China's Green Leadership Through Energy Cooperation

This article is edited and written by the editorial group of Going Green, The World & China.

Silk Road Outlook  

Toward 2030 – Reviewing the Planning Vision and Strategy of Hong Kong

Li Ruixin  Greenovation: Hub

Think Tank· Strategy   

Case Study on Center for American Progress: Interpreting the Strategy on Introducing New Proposals of Policy Think Tanks

Xue Yi  Center for Global Green Leadership

Special Edition  

From Djibouti to Gwadar: Calling for China's Green Sea Power

Chen Jiliang   Greenovation: Hub

Leveraging China's Leadership in Climate Change

By Yang Fuqiang   Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)