Going Green, The World & China ( Issue No.3)


This publication focuses on the issue of environmental protection in the implementation of “The Belt and Road” Initiative. Through different perspectives from policymakers, enterprise investors, and think tanks and NGOs, we provide suggestions to promote environmental protection in investment destination countries and develop China’s ability of green governance in self-practice and bilateral and multilateral cooperation.


Cover Special 

Chinese Enterprises Participating in B&R Construction Must Follow the Principle of Green Development

Tang Yuan  State Council Research Office

Exclusive Interview  

Jin Jiaman: Think Tanks and NGOs are Important Forces in the Construction of "The Belt and Road"

This article is edited and written by the editorial group of Going Green, The World & China.

Silk Road Outlook  

Say "No" to Fossil Fuels — Global Divestment Campaign

Li Ruixin   Greenovation: Hub

Think Tank· Strategy  

Contributions of German Political Foundations in People-to-People Bond

Chen Jiliang   Greenovation: Hub


Greening "The Belt and Road" Requires Strategic Coordination

Cheng Cuiyun, Ge Chazhong, Weng Zhixiong   Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning