Going Green, The World & China ( Issue No.5 )


In this issue, we invited Inspector Ye Yanfei from the Policy Research Bureau of CBRC to share his thoughts on environmental and social risk management of B&R investment and on challenges facing the development of green finance in. Recommendations for commercial banks to achieve sustainable development through foreign investment and international exchange are also covered.


Cover Special  

A Brief Analysis of How Commercial Banks Can Achieve Sustainable Development in Green Finance

Qian Lihua   Industrial Bank

Exclusive Interview

Ye Yanfei: Developing Environmental and Social Risk Management Ability at International and Regional Perspectives in Investment and Financing

This article is edited and written by the editorial group of Going Green, The World & China.

Silk Road Outlook   

Analysis of Environmental and Social Risk Management of China's Overseas Projects' Financing Channels

The content of this article mainly comes from the Report on the Environmental and Social Risk Management of China's Overseas Investment and Financing, published by the International Institute of Green Finance of Central University of Finance and Economics on December 23, 2016.

Think Tank· Strategy  

Using "Overseas Office" for Think Tanks to Go Abroad

Chen Jiliang   Greenovation: Hub


Marine Ecology Development Governance

Liu Shuguang   Ocean University of China